Choose Your Loupes


custom-crafted high-quality loupes and LED headlights.

TTL Loupes (Through the Lens Loupes) are front-mounted oculars optics into the frame lenses. TTL loupes are fixed to the lenses and couldn’t be modified. Based on the user’s pupillary distance and working distance measurements we design the loupes personally to the user’s requests.

Prismatic Loupes offer higher resolution and clarity but are heavier, while Galilean Loupes are lighter and more compact, suitable for cases where a broad visual field is needed without requiring higher magnification.

Loupes are an essential tool for medical & dental professionals to maintain a proper posture and eliminate back pain! We believe that excellent visualization is imperative to provide a better care.

Galilean Pro

A lightweight precisional & high-quality visualization with a wide depth of field, comfort fit for all-day wearing.

Magnification Available:
2.5x | 2.8x | 3.3x

Prismatic Pro

Advanced optical technology for all your needs! focusing on a perfect vision for higher magnifications procedures.

Magnification Available:
3.8x | 4.6x | 5.3x


To achieve efficient processes, it is essential to have an effective organization in place.
This includes a strong emphasis on customer-oriented production of ultra-precision loupes and headlights.


With our state-of-the-art loupes, we can attain the utmost image clarity regardless of the magnification power. We manufacture our loupes using the finest quality components, ensuring that each magnification system delivers unparalleled resolution for perfect results.