The difference between Galilean and Prismatic (Keplerian) Loupes.

The Prismatic (aka Keplerian Telescopes) system is a complex system based on reflecting prisms technology consist of two or more positive convex lenses. The advantage of prismatic lenses is higher resolution over the Galilean similarity throughout the field of view. Prismatic loupes are heavier and yet they have the highest clarity.

The Galilean system is named after the well-known astronomer, Galileo Galilei. Those system employs lenses with magnification from 2.0x to 3.5x and they are compact and lightweight due to their rather simplifying optical design. From a dental and medical point of view, the Galilean system finds its main practices in cases where a broad visual field is required and strong magnification is not necessary.


Galilean Magnification Power

Prismatic (Keplerian) Magnification Power