Especially designed and customized for surgeons specialists.

Choosing the right loupes and magnification will maximize your performance in large-scale open-surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures by 85%, providing you a remarkable precision and judgment. It is the type of tool that could benefit immensely from exceptional visual enhancement. Our medical and surgical loupes and headlights are customized to your unique, individual needs and style.

When chosen and calibrated correctly, our surgical loupes become an essential extension to the surgeon without causing distractions or interfering with the task at hand. Plus, magnification loupes can prevent bad posture and injuries that eventually may lead to chronic pain in both the neck and back.

Our Loupes

Our Galilean and Prismatic Loupes are available in various magnification power to provide a wide range of options for dental and medical procedures.

Magnification Available:
2.5x | 2.7x | 3.2x | 4.0x | 4.8x | 5.5x

Our LED Headlights

Built to offer both comfort and precision performance, with crisp edge-to-edge clarity and cable-wire and cordless versions.

Available Spasifications:
55K Lux | 35K Lux | 80K Lux

Innovation & Visualization

Efficient processes require efficient organization, this is accompanied by focusing on the customer-oriented production of ultra-precision loupes and headlight.


PROLOUPES is an optical experience that will let you see your work like you have never seen it before!

Galilean Loupes Vs. Prismatic Loupes

The key difference between Galilean and Prismatic (Keplerian) Loupes.