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TTL Loupes (Through the Lens)

Magnification Power


Better practice without straining your back or neck


Magnifications ranging from 3.5 up to 6.0x.


Crystal-clear and high-definition imagery.

Our Prismatic Pro loupes offer greater magnification power and edge-to-edge clarity at higher working distances compared to Galilean Pro loupes. This is achieved through the use of our advanced prism technology and cutting-edge lens glass. There are several variables to consider when selecting the loupes that best suit you and your practice. The Prismatic Pro loupes offer a wide range of magnification power options, ranging from 3.8x to 5.3x.

The prismatic optical system provides exceptional clarity, ensuring precise color rendition. Additionally, our loupes feature an anti-reflective coating for superior image quality. Lightweight, precise, and ergonomic, these are some of the built-in features of our Prismatic Pro loupes.

Our Prismatic Pro loupes are available in three magnification power options and can be fully customized to fit your comfort and style. Other adjustments, such as Visual Prescription or Declination Angle, can be easily incorporated into your Prismatic Pro loupes.

All of our loupes are manufactured and hand-assembled in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Magnification Power​

3.8x Magnification - Prismatic Pro

For the ultimate magnification power, our 3.8x is a precision supreme loupes with cutting-edge technology that enlarge every single detail to a high max definition.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameter examples.

4.6x Magnification - Prismatic Pro

Advanced optical technology for high-precision surgical procedures featuring powerful magnification, a wide field of view, and precise color rendition.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameter examples.

5.3x Magnification - Prismatic Pro

With this highest magnification power, you can achieve pin-point procedures and yet maintain a steady ergonomic posture for long healthy working life.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameter examples.


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With our cutting-edge technology, we can achieve the highest image clarity for any of our loupes magnification power. We manufacture our loupes from the highest quality components available, making sure every loupes magnification system comes with unmatched resolution imagery giving the perfect result.

*Magnification view may differ to customized working distance.


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