Galilian Pro

TTL Loupes (Through the Lens)

Magnification Power


Magnifications ranging from 2.5 up to 3.3x.


Enjoy the widest field of view for your loupes


Extremely lightweight comfort

Our Galilean Pro loupes are extremely compact and lightweight to ensure a wide field of view and excellent depth of field – When starting out with your first pair of loupes, choosing magnification power should depend on your type of profession, such as: dentists, hygienists, surgeons, or veterinarian. This will assist you in the process of acclimation to loupes and with your hand-eye coordination.

Galilean technology is a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece lens. These two lenses work together to deliver a much clearer image than what would be offered by a single lens while offering superior depth of field and sufficient width of field. 

With its super comfort and lightweight, Our Galilean Pro loupes are available in 3 magnifications power and endless customization possibilities to fit your comfort and style. Other adjustments (such as Working Distance, Visual Prescription, Declination Angle, etc.) can be easily implanted into the Galilean Pro loupes.

All of our loupes are manufactured and hand-assembled in our state of the art laboratory. 

Magnification Power​

2.5x Magnification - Galilean Pro​

2.5x magnification power loupes offering the largest field of view and depth of focus at the highest precision visualization available. This loupes model is ideal for the dental profession who wants to visualize a clear image.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameters examples.

2.8x Magnification - Galilean Pro

With its ultra-lightweight, the 2.8x power magnification loupes are perfect for a wide-ranging of dentistry procedures. Providing a large field of view as they are easy to get used to and therefore are most common for use.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameters examples.

3.3x Magnification - Galilean Pro

For those who seek a higher detailed high-resolution image and still want to keep all galilean loupes benefits; a wide field of view, depth of field, and lightweight weight.


*Working distance is customized to customer needs. These are parameters examples.


At Proloupes, we offer the highest quality products and yet provide you with the best possible value, Our importance in customer service is above all and making sure each customer is happy.

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With our cutting-edge technology, we can achieve the highest image clarity for any of our loupes magnification power. We manufacture our loupes from the highest quality components available, making sure every loupes magnification system comes with unmatched resolution imagery giving the perfect result.

*Magnification view may differ to customized working distance.


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